Tom Hosking, The Versatile Gent

Sydney brand Venroy moves inland for the summer.

If you could capture the tone of an Australian summer and deliver it as a clothing label, you’d land yourself pretty damn close to Venroy. What  started as a humble swimwear brand has now expanded to a full-steam-ahead menswear offering that specialises in combining quality fabrics with comfortable, summer-focused cuts.

Fans of the brand will already be familiar with their Bond and Paddington stores, however, it’s their new CBGD location that has us excited this summer. Situated in Westfield, the boys – Theo and Sean – have established a three-month pop-up store on level 4. The familiar washed out design with subtle coastal cues has been echoed from their Bondi location, while racks of colour-coded linens and cottons line the walls.

A bold decision to take their distribution out of retailers and into their own stores has enabled Venroy to focus on building a brand with distinct persona, and produce clothes that are best browsed in their iconic store locations. Do yourself a favour and before the summer’s out, make a trip to Westfield.

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