Venroy unveils its Summer 2017 ad campaign adopting the rising digital medium of cinemagraphs in collaboration with Young Blood Films creative director and digital artist, Angus Mullane.
Shot in a Spanish-style villa in Sydney’s leafy suburb of Vaucluse, the campaign features New Zealand-born Vivien’s model Edward Mules and London model Maddy Taylor, styled by set designer Montana Valich.
Mules effortlessly embodies the spirit of the modern Venroy man with Mullane shooting and referencing a Hollywood 1960’s Slim Aarons style of photography.
The reference is quintessential to designers Sean Venturi and Theo Smallbone’s leisure life ethos and casual silhouettes, the central underpinnings of each collection.
So much of Venroy is about escapism. Time away from our busy work schedules is sacred and by enabling people to access the feelings associated with being on holiday is refreshing for the soul,” says artistic director Theo Smallbone.
Reflecting both designers leisurely travel-guided designs and sensibility; the new campaign will be tagged with the hashtag #EffortlessEscape.
The collaboration with Mullane and strategic shift into the digital space is a natural progression of Venroy’s long-term goal to immerse their customer in a unique and authentic lifestyle dialogue online, powered by the brands Magento 2.0 e-commerce platform, and housing carefully curated editorial, content marketing and consumer-driven social media stories — all from the one site.
Young Blood Films, brothers Angus and Tyson Mullane, is one of the countries most recognised pioneers of the deceptively simple intersection between image and movement, working for a notable roster of Australian brands and musicians — Intel, Rufus, Tropfest and Virgin.
In place of a traditional print campaign, is a sophisticated mood series of moving cinemagraphs ‘Effortless Escape’ created specifically to be shared online.
The cinemagraph is a powerful tool, allowing us to capture a moment and bring it to life.” says Smallbone. “In doing so, we’re able to transport people to poolside scenes of leisure and relaxation, and let their minds unwind.
The cinemagraph’s will be revealed on November 10th on and the brands social media platforms.
The new campaign and digital direction is a celebration of Venroy’s signature designs inspired by masculinity with a sense of luxury. Mules showcases the seasons timeless looks featuring holiday linen shirting, floral print motifs; fluid jersey-linen knitwear and the brands new tencel-linen pant.

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