Australian luxury eyewear label Pacifico Optical will open its first ever pop-up store at The Old Clare Hotel, Chippendale, from November 11th.
The Bondi-based eyewear brand, designed by co-creators Alain Guglielmino and Nicholas Guzowski, will open a 10 sqm short-term retail installation in the newly renovated Old Clare Hotel’s famed former bottle shop on Broadway. 
Placing our brand within the beautifully refurbished Old Clare Hotel and its neighbouring lifestyle precinct allows us to engage with new consumer groups, outside of our much-loved home of Bondi.” says Guzowski. 
Since launching in 2014 the disruptive eyewear label has gained a cult-like following, including Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, global-roaming fashion blogger and Instagram sensation Silvia Garcia, Modern Alchemy publisher Jai Stevens, Kult Australia model Ethan Turnbull, and Australian swimwear model Brooke Nash, and has featured in some of the worlds leading media titles — GQ, Monocle and Vogue.
The fit-out of the inner city location is an escapists oasis. Set designer and stylist Emilie Joy has converted the hole in the wall space, taking design cues from The Old Clare Hotel’s award-winning restoration, into a lavish green and ocean blue sanctuary. 
Being similar to a physical showroom to support our e-commerce business we want to entice the customer in from the street and offer them a unique brand experience.” says Guglielmino. 
The seasonal pop-up will be the duo’s first foray into traditional bricks-and-mortar retail — Guzowski is an accountant and lawyer, and Guglielmino’s background is in sales and marketing with a passion for collecting vintage cars — and will provide invaluable knowledge about consumer trends before the pair embark on their first stand alone retail shop in 2017. 
We’re looking forward to striking up conversations with our customers and getting their earnest feedback about the product that we otherwise wouldn’t get being an online-only business.” says Guzowski.
In keeping with the brands laid back style the Pacifico Optical pop-up will swing its doors open to the public from 10:00am on November 11th and open everyday until December 7th. 

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