The English model and socialite has a few tall orders – quality being one of them. 

Your idea of luxury?

Pieces that are handmade with beautiful craftsmanship and longevity; things that simply last a lifetime.

Has that changed?

Yes, I feel like I’ve grown up to appreciate the finer details and higher quality of things around me. I think people are really starting to develop a song appreciation for the legacy of handmade trade, especially in today’s world with the bombardment of fast to market products.

Your favourite city for inspiration?

Rome, Italy – it’s still so authentic and deeply romantic. Nothin beats feeling like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.

And for relaxation?

I find it impossible to relax in a city as I thrive off the energy. For relaxation I disappear into the depths of the English countryside – a pub lunch, a cosy fire, supping hot tea, the Sunday papers, venturing outside in my wellies to my beloved magnolia tree.

The best way to travel?

As I do it so often, the novelty of travel has worn off a bit, so if I can walk somewhere I will – I could skip a million miles in  my Meandher Jimmy’s.

Favourite designer?

Hedi Slimane – I just brought myself the men’s leather/denim biker pants and could honestly live in them forever.

Favourite watch?

Vintage gold Rolex.

Favourite car?

My husband’s Aston Martin that I am not allowed to drive. Which, of course, makes me want it even more.

Hells or flats?

Flats – I am basically like a giraffe and do not need the extra help. That’s why Meandher is my go-to. I love that I can wear my gold Lulu brogues and skinny jeans, and then pair them with a vintage cocktail dress for a night out.

Your preferred charity?

The Blue Marine Foundation – 71 per cent of our planet. It needs more attention that you think. The BMF made a terrific documentary called The End of The Line. Watch it and you’ll truly understand what I’m talking about.

What’s the best part of your job?

Getting to meet and work with some of the world’s most creative, talented people. Every day can be a “pinch me” moment.

And the worst?

The unknown, turning up on set in the morning and having no clue what to expect. As I am reaching the end of my 20’s I suddenly find myself striving for consistency in my everyday life.

The biggest challenge facing your industry?

Celebrity. And maybe a social media backlash. Do we really need to know what everyone’s up to all the time.

What gives you a buzz everyday?

My husband; he’d kill me if I didn’t say him. Spaghetti bolognaise. Or a good pint of ale. Ultimately, friendship is what means the most to me. That and ale.


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