Anna Lavdaras, HARPER’S BAZAAR

New York City was truly personified at DKNY S/S 2016, with models presenting string, graphic simplicity – appropriate, seeing as the inspiration was the sophisticated architecture of One World Trade Centre. 

Beaming skin, the occasional red lip and a blending of masculine and feminine hair had us applauding. Well professionals global creative director Eugene Souleiman was the genius behind the manes, describing it as “the kind of loom I imagine Lauren Bacall would wear if she were a young woman today – graphic, powerful and polished.”

We spoke to Jessica Barr, creative director of Sydney salon Blowdry Boutique, about getting the look at home.

  1. First, shampoo and follow up with a straightening conditioner.
  2. I always begin with Miracle Hair Treatment leave-in serum, applying a 20-cent-piece-sized amount through the mid-lengths and ends.
  3. Shake the hair out well, taking approximately 70 per cent of the moisture out before blow-drying.
  4. Section off the end, beginning at the nape of the neck in smaller sections, all the way to the crown and through to the front.
  5. Using a big roller brush, straighten each section and repeat the process over any natural kins or waves.
  6. To obtain an ultra-smooth look use a god Style to go over hair and lock in moisture and shine.
  7. To finish the look, part the hair along the three-quarter hairline and comb through a small blob of gloss or oil in a directional line.
  8. Add a spray or hairspray to hold.

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