Cameron Carter, OTTO BARONE

Otto Barone is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality fabric. Renowned for its luxe cotton shirting and ultra-fine cashmere, the Abruzzo-based label is characterised by masculine elegance, representing modern updates on the brands timeless Italian heritage.

Founded by the granddaughter of a longline of Italian seamstresses and her son, Stefania Barone and Francesco Angelucci, the Otto Barone brand represents the time-honoured traditions of Italian tailoring, a nod the families rich history in tesutto.

“Otto Barone was an eclectic character, a philosopher of life, who inspired me, the eldest of three daughters, to create and explore,” says creative directrice Stefania Barone of her late father. “My paternal grandmother Adele, was a prominent seamstress in Florence in the 20th century, I grew up among the many textiles in her atelier and was greatly influenced by her remarkable artistry.”

Today, the fabric manufacturer retains operations in the family-owned workshop in Abruzzo, South of Florence on Italy’s , with subsequent factories, specialising in the production of cashmere knits, cotton-pique and fine cotton shirting, in Florence.

Stefania Barone and Francesco Angelucci propose a new dialogue in the men’s ready-to-wear category, classic Italian tailoring positioned at the subtle-luxury market. Angelucci, in his methodical way, describes, “the Otto Barone man is defiant, he requires a complete wardrobe made by the exacting practices of Italian ateliers, in a modern context.”

Co-designed and manufactured by hand in Italy, the labels debut spring 2015 menswear collection will launch locally in Australia, a strategy adopted by the Mother-Son duo to infiltrate the emerging market and neighbour to China. “The youthful and pioneering spirit of Australia represents a new trajectory for many heritage brands in Italy,” declares Angelucci.

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